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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin rally all their kids together for Halloween family photo

The actor and his wife threw together a last-minute Halloween celebration with their six children amid the ongoing investigation into the death on the set of "Rust."

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin "rallied" to throw together a last-minute Halloween celebration for their six children amid the ongoing investigation into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins from a prop gun fired by Baldwin on the set of the movie "Rust" just 10 days earlier.

Hilaria Baldwin shared a series of photos on Instagram Sunday of the family decked out in their costumes, including 8-month-old daughter Maria Lucia and son Eduardo, 1, dressed in neon, '80s-style workout clothes.

"Parenting through this has been an intense experience, to say the least," Hilaria wrote. "Today, we rallied to give them a holiday. Last min costumes…a little hodge-podge…but they were so happy and that warmed my mama heart.

"Happy Halloween, from the Baldwinitos. They give us ❤️. We send you ❤️🎃"

Hilaria, 37, is dressed in a spider costume matched by ones worn by Maria and their daughter Carmen, 8, while Alec, 63, is dressed up as a creature from the classic children's book "Where the Wild Things Are."

They are also joined by sons Rafael, 6, Leonardo, 5, and Romeo, 3, in various costumes.

The Baldwin family Halloween came on the day that the family of Hutchins held a private funeral for the 42-year-old wife and mother, who was killed on the New Mexico set of "Rust."

Investigators are focused on determining how the prop gun was loaded with a real bullet, which struck Hutchins in the chest during filming on Oct. 21 and also wounded director Joel Souza in the shoulder.

Alec Baldwin made his first on-camera comments about the shooting on Saturday when he addressed paparazzi who were following him and his family in Manchester, Vermont.

"It’s an active investigation," he said. "A woman died. She was my friend.”

Baldwin added that they were "a very well-oiled crew shooting a film and then this horrible event happened."

Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, 24, who was the armorer in charge of guns on the set, disputed that characterization in a statement through her attorney. She has also previously said she has "no idea" where the live round in the prop gun came from.

“The whole production set became unsafe due to various factors, including lack of safety meetings," Gutierrez-Reed said.

Sources close to the production disputed Gutierrez-Reed's claim about safety meetings. The sources told NBC News that three full set safety meetings were held since the start of the production, including one on the day of the incident.

"No one was looking to cut corners or save money. Everything was done according to union guidelines and in full cooperation with unions," the sources told NBC News in an email.

The film's production company has also said it was not made aware of any complaints about safety during filming.

"Although we appreciate the statement given by Ms. Gutierrez-Reed, I think it raises more questions than it does answers,"  Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza told Miguel Almaguer on TODAY Monday.