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Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts share joyful photos of son Nick’s graduation

The TODAY weatherman and his wife, Deborah Roberts, shared some sweet photos of family joy as their son, Nick, celebrated his high school graduation.

Al Roker is having a proud dad moment.

The TODAY weatherman shared on TODAY Wednesday that his son, Nick Roker, graduated from high school on Tuesday. "We are so proud of him, all the work he has done, the people who have helped him along the way … It was a terrific moment," he told his fellow co-hosts.

Al and his wife, Deborah Roberts, shared the joy of watching their son, Nick, 19, graduate from high school on Tuesday with a series of photos on Instagram.

alroker / Instagram

“And just like that! Nick Roker: High School graduate from the @aaronschool,” Al wrote. “We are sooo proud of this young man.”

Al shared a shot on Instagram of Nick as a toddler along with one from his graduation day holding his diploma. He also included a shot with all of his three children, including daughters Courtney and Leila.

Nick, who has special needs, graduated from Aaron School, a private K-12 special education school in New York City.

Deborah also posted about the big day on her own Instagram, sharing photos of her giving Nick a big hug, Al and Nick smiling on his big day, a shot of the graduation program, and photos of Nick with family.

“What a day this had been!” Deborah wrote. “A heart full of joy and gratitude! Happy graduation day Nick Roker. Your village has never failed!”

Deborah Roberts, Al Roker and Nick Roker all pose as Nick graduates high school.
Deborah Roberts, Al Roker and Nick Roker all pose as Nick graduates high school.alroker / Instagram

In a separate post, Deborah shared some heartwarming shots of Nick getting ready by putting on his graduation gown as Al watches with pride.

“Here we go,” she wrote. “Wow! This is really happening. Pass the tissues. #proudmama #prouddad @alroker

Nick, who is on the autism spectrum, has gone from hardly speaking and barely walking at 3 years old to becoming a black belt in taekwondo, a swimmer with two gold medals from Special Olympics New York, the cross bearer on the worship team at the family's church, and now a high school graduate.

Back in December, Al shared the happy moment Nick found out he was going to college.

“I’m excited!” Nick exclaims in a video before high-fiving his proud dad.

While Tuesday's graduation was a proud moment for Al, it was also a bittersweet one because it means he and Deborah are about to become empty-nesters. Nick is the youngest of his three children, so this is the last time he gets to watch one of them graduate from high school before moving on to the next phase of their lives.

"I just… I don’t know that I’m ready for him to leave yet,” Al said on TODAY in October when he was touring colleges with Nick. “Time marches on.”