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These 22 moms and dads made us laugh on social media this week

Welcome to summer, parents!
/ Source: TODAY

It's officially summer, so grab an ice cold beverage and a snack you didn't have to make yourself and share a laugh with us and the other moms and dads on social media this week!

Not guilty!

Currently firmly situated at #4.

Tale as old as time.

Consistency is key.

Sleeping Beauty didn't know how good she had it.

It's Instagram vacation photo season!

He gets an F in hygiene.

Cruel and unusual.

It's all about setting expectations.

Just one more slushie...

Oops, I did it again.

Glad that's settled.

It's just as painful, though.

Back to the future, indeed!


Really, no difference.

It's a trap!

He's on to you.

Perhaps reconsider?

Million-dollar idea:

Breakfast of champions!

It's like a second pantry.