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Parents everywhere want in on the Six Flags 30-hour coffin challenge

Exhausted moms and dads think being confined to a claustrophobic box sounds like a vacation.
/ Source: TODAY

Six Flags amusement parks are bringing back the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge in honor of Halloween — and exhausted parents everywhere are dying to participate.

Here’s out it works: Contestants spend 30 hours confined to a 2-by-7 casket for a chance to win $600. Anyone who leaves their box for any reason, with the exception of designated bathroom breaks or to participate in challenges, will be disqualified.

If claustrophobia isn’t terrifying enough, competitors may find themselves sharing a tomb with “scary slithering reptiles” or “munching on giant cockroaches,” according to a press release.

Parents want to compete in the coffin challenge
Contestants get six-minute bathroom breaks every three hours.Six Flags America

But for those with little kids, this trick sounds more like a treat.

“30 hours of uninterrupted rest, spared from tantrums, back pain, cooking, cleaning … etc,” wrote one parent on Facebook. Added another, “The silence. You’re obviously not factoring in dads. This is a vacation.”

Many chimed in that they would do it for free just to get some sleep.

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“Moms in particular are excited about the Coffin Challenge,” Six Flags spokesperson Sandra Daniels told TODAY Parents. “They’re saying, ‘Sign me up! I need a break!"

But Daniels warns that you won't walk away from the event feeling refreshed.

Parents want to compete in the coffin challenge
All meals must be eaten in the coffin.Six Flags America

“We’re going to wake you up and make you do some scary, unusual and freaky things because we want to get down to one champion,” she explained.

All 15 parks are participating, and each will add their own terrifying twist. For instance, the Jackson, New Jersey, location will blast songs such as “Baby Shark” on repeat during overnight hours.

For information on how to register for the 30-Hour Coffin Challenge visit the Six Flags website.