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Parents share their kids' 'realistic' quarantine schedules

Not all parents are focusing on color-coded calendars and enrichment activities.
Back to school concept
Parents are coming up with their own versions of schedules for kids doing school from home. Getty Images stock
/ Source: TODAY

As schools shut down and workplaces institute work-from-home policies, many parents are now in a position where they need to teach their school-aged children. Some parents have taken to Pinterest and Instagram with color-coded schedules full of lessons and enrichment activities.

Other parents have more grounded goals.

Amber Sparks, an author and mom to a 4-year-old daughter, told TODAY Parents that she, her daughter and her husband were all home in a small apartment. Both parents are working from home, and her daughter's Washington, D.C., school is suspended through April.

During the "chaotic" time, her daughter's schedule is pretty focused on rewatching "Frozen" and "Frozen 2."

"I was seeing so many people share these elaborate, color-coded schedules, and maybe it’s the Gen-X slacker in me, but I felt so stressed by them," Sparks said. "Like, we’re in the middle of a pandemic, maybe it’s OK if we just keep the kids alive for now and leave the enrichment activities for another time?"

Sparks joked that just one day into the schedule, she's already been wrong — instead of watching "Frozen," her daughter opted to marathon "Masha and the Bear" for two hours instead.

Plenty of parents joked about their kids' increased screen time on social media, sometimes mocking the original color-coded schedules with their parody versions.

Sparks also said that she never expected her joking schedule to get so much traction.

"I was kind of surprised it took off like that, because it was just my dumb joke, but I guess a lot of people were feeling like me," Sparks said. "The color-coded schedules were freaking most of us out!"