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Will your marriage survive quarantine? These hilarious parents get the struggle

Marriage is hard; marriage while self-isolating is harder.
/ Source: TODAY

The coronavirus pandemic has forced families to quarantine and has given moms and dads a little too much together time.

Marriage is hard, and marriage while self-isolating is harder. But just when things are getting tense, enter the moms and dads of the internet, who are not disappointing with their hilarious posts on Twitter and Instagram about what life is really like when you're spending every waking moment at home with the love of your life.

Because things get real pretty fast when you're social distancing, working from home and parenting together every. Single. Day.

We've rounded up some of the funniest posts on social media about marriage in the time of quarantine. So snuggle up to the one you love — or hide from them in the bathroom — and laugh along with us.

Trying not to look

Serious about produce

Let's do it

So loud

I'm guessing the left

Super solid

What, like it's hard?


It definitely counts

Not helpful

It's only cute when they say it


Point taken

These politicians, though


I'm ready to go now

So messy

Communication is key

Just take it

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