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Parents respond to 'Tell me you have kids' challenge with hilarious results

From cold coffee to messy minivans and french fries in weird places, some parenting experiences are just universal.
/ Source: TODAY

There are many universal experiences in parenthood — having kids will mess up your Spotify algorithm, lower your standards for holiday decorating, and force you to learn a disturbing amount of information about things like a crime-fighting team of animated dogs.

Gwenna Laithland, creator and founder of the website Momma Cusses and a mother of three from Noble, Oklahoma, recognizes these and others as hallmarks of parenthood in 2020. She recently challenged her followers on TikTok to "Tell me you have kids... without telling me you have kids."

Almost a thousand moms — and several dads — have responded, with relatable and often hilarious results. Parents, have you ever...

Had this unfortunate discovery?

Experienced this surreal feeling?


##duet with @mommacusses is your shitty titty on the left or right 😅😂😅😂

♬ original sound - Momma Cusses

Maybe not shared as much as you encourage your children to?

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Found things in your car where they are not supposed to be?

Or in your sofa?

Or in your bra?


##stitch with @mommacusses does this tell ya ? They fell after nursing two babies many years ago and never got back up! ##kids ##dropped ##foryou

♬ original sound - Stacey Beirnes

Required a reheat?


Is it possible to be a mom and NOT have to reheat your coffee several times? 🤨

♬ original sound - Momma Cusses

Rocked these fashion staples?

Driven a car that looks like this?

Found these beauties in the bottom of your own purse?

Laithland told TODAY Parents her inspiration for the challenge was to normalize the details of parenthood, especially for mothers.

"Modern motherhood and its struggles are things moms are supposed to keep to ourselves. But we all have this shared experience — what makes us moms and serves as daily reminders that we love our kids, but they are work."