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Parents react to that 'Love, Actually' viral birth dad

Some did not find it so cute.
/ Source: TODAY

One Atlanta dad stole a page from “Love Actually” to try to support his pregnant wife through two days of labor — and not everyone thinks it’s so cute.

In a video that is going viral on Facebook, Kendall Caver is seen standing by Jasmine Caver’s hospital bed and flipping through the story of their life together.

“Do you remember when we first met?” the book begins. “Almost 10 years ago. Before the bills. Before we started our careers. We were just kids in college who took a chance on each other.”

Kendall also reminds Jasmine to “Breathe (Like we’ve been practicing.”)

Though Jasmine’s face is never seen, she appears to be relaxed as she rubs her stomach. At one point, Jasmine even chuckles at a joke.

But many don’t find Kendall's gesture even the slightest bit amusing.

Kendall Caver supported his wife, Jasmine Caver, during labor with a motivational booklet.
Kendall Caver supported his wife, Jasmine Caver, during labor with a motivational booklet. Courtesy of Kendall Caver/ Facebook

“Naw!! I’m sorry, I’ve given birth 3 times and would have snatched those papers and ripped them up! Get out my face wit all that,” wrote one person on Facebook. Added another, “This would irk me so bad. I would be like, ‘Stop turning them pages like that… I’m not trying to read all that… Stop blowing ya air on me. OMG hurry up.”

Folks on Twitter also had opinions.

“My wife would’ve quite rightly shoved his ‘inspirational messages’ where the sun never shines,” noted one man.

One woman said that if she were in Jasmine's position she "would literally make that guy EAT HIS WORDS. Page by page.”

Most of the comments were positive, however, with hundreds admitting they were moved to tears.

As one woman wrote, “Omg this has me in embarrassing sobs. How so sweet and special.

Jasmine and Kendall welcomed their daughter, Sofia, earlier this month. Jasmine shared on Facebook that they are "so in love."

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