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Parents go viral with perfect 'Frozen' lip-sync video

parents go viral with 'Frozen' YouTube video

When their 3-year-old daughter Symphony learned how to spell her name for the first time, parents Nia and Samuel rewarded her by buying the movie "Frozen," a treat that turned out to be fun for the whole family.

The Texas family has now watched the movie over 15 times, and it turns out the parents may be even bigger fans than their daughter.

The couple showed off their love for the film in a YouTube video that's since gone viral, in which they recorded themselves lip-syncing the song "Love is an Open Door" while driving in their minivan.

Nia and Samuel are living a bit of their own love story — they were high school sweethearts and Nia includes love notes in the lunch she packs for Samuel every day.  

But their daughter may not be as impressed as we were, because we caught her yawning mid-song.  

Check out their whole video!

Kathie Lee and Hoda enjoyed the video too.