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Parents are staging 'Toy Story' school photos: See the adorable pics

Even while you're at school, "you've got a friend in me."
/ Source: TODAY

New Jersey mom Tammie Stark has been capturing creative milestone photos of her son, Nicholas, since he was born. And, with the 4-year-old's love of "Toy Story" movies at an all-time high, Stark and her wife, Regina Spero, knew incorporating the films into Nicholas' first-day-of-school photos was a must.

After seeing some sweet "Toy Story" themed back-to-school photos on Facebook, Stark was inspired to capture Nicholas, backpack and lunchbox in hand, from behind while Buzz, Woody and friends looked on. The adorable image has since gone viral, and has inspired other parents to create their own versions.

New Jersey mom Tammie Stark captured this cute back-to-school image of her son, Nicholas, with his "Toy Story" toys.Tammie Stark

"This photo was taken the morning of his first day of pre-K," Stark told TODAY Parents. "We've always been Disney enthusiasts, with 'Toy Story' being our favorite ... We've also been into creative milestone photos since he was born, so laying down on my sidewalk at 7:30 a.m. having a mini photo shoot from a toy's perspective wasn't all that strange for me."

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Stark also captured a traditional photo of Nicholas holding up his "first day of pre-K" sign, but says it's the more fun and interesting images that she enjoys most.

Nicholas with his moms, Tammie Stark and Regina Spero, on a recent trip to Walt Disney World.Tammie Stark

"When he was an infant we did tons of non-traditional photos, like gutting a pumpkin and putting him inside for Halloween and sitting him inside a big stock pot for Thanksgiving surrounded by vegetables," said Stark. "Even our pregnancy announcement was non-traditional and involved our dogs' disapproval of their mommies getting a human — these kinds of photos tend to be our favorite."

The popularity of Stark's "Toy Story" image indicates that others agree. Below are some of our favorite versions of the sweet back-to-school photo scene.

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