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Parents are losing it over this diaper bag packing trick

This mommy-MacGyver found a way to store anything you could possibly need during an emergency diaper change.
/ Source: TODAY

We've all been there — holding your baby on the changing table of a public restroom while frantically rummaging through a diaper bag to find all the supplies for an emergency change.

It's the kind of panic-inducing situation that most parents have become accustomed to, so when Elizabeth Rasco revealed her diaper bag organizing trick on Facebook, it was no surprise hundreds of parents responded praising her clever use of space.

At first glance, it appears to be nothing more than a regular box of baby wipes with rubber bands around the top. But a second photo reveals a pack of wipes affixed to the lid with a simple hair band.

And with the container's extra space, this Mommy MacGyver found a way to store everything else you need, including extra diapers and a new outfit "in case of blow out!"

She topped the entire thing off with a disposable changing table cover and voilà — no more digging through the bottomless bag!

One commenter said, "OMG how did we not come up with this .. thank you," while others tagged a friend who could use the creative trick.

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One clever user even suggested using the hack for makeup wipes and makeup!

Whatever you use it for, Rasco deserves a round of applause for helping achieve organization nirvana.