The LBD mom and more new parenting stereotypes: Which one are you?

Parenting Stereotypes -- Women Pushing Strollers
Parenting Stereotypes -- Women Pushing StrollersJonatan Fernstrom/The Image Bank/Getty / Today

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By Alison Bucalo

By now you’ve heard of helicopter, snowplow and attachment parents. And while these describe some parenting styles, they don’t capture them all. So we've put together a list of parenting types that might be more useful—and are certainly more inclusive. Which one are you?

The LBD Mom
Like your favorite wardrobe workhorse, the Little Black Dress, you can always rely on these moms. They're great in any situation and make parenting look effortless. When you’re frazzled and running late for your daughter’s meet-the-teacher meeting, they give you the handout you missed at the door. When you leave the present in the car at the birthday party, they hold the door open and help your kids with their jackets while you run back. You love them because they’re so helpful and you wish you could bring them with you everywhere. (Actually, you wish you could be this mom, but,'re not.)

The Ikea Mom
These moms seem to have it together, but sometimes when the going gets tough, they start to fall apart. You’re probably best friends with an Ikea mom. She calls you crying because her son had a complete meltdown at the playground and she had a rough day. You have no problem listening to her complaints because you know you'll need her to do the same for you. Just like the store—we’ve all been there.

The Birkenstock Mom
This mom takes everything in stride. She's laid back and only uses discipline in extreme cases. (Kids need to express themselves!) Her family eats organic (always) and she believes there’s nothing breast milk can’t cure. She can be soft and comforting or firm and supportive. She's a good mom and doesn’t care how she looks to other people.

The Pocketbook Mom

This is the mom who runs over with a Band-Aid when YOUR kid falls at the playground. She actually carries sunscreen, lip balm, tissues, Goldfish crackers and all the other things you mean to pack in your bag, but forget. When it's colder outside than you thought, she's even got an extra hoodie for your kid.

The SUV Mom
You know this mom—she’s the one who unapologetically pushes her double stroller down the sidewalk and grocery store aisles. She nurses her toddler in public (sometimes at nurse-in protests) and is totally non-plussed when her kid has a temper tantrum in public, because hey, that’s what kids do. Got something to say about it?

The Bag of Chips Mom

She had one child and it was so good she just had to have a bunch more. Just like a bag of chips, she holds everything together, even though her life is chaotic and things can be a tad messy. And unlike you, she's not slowed down by packing her kids in the minivan and bringing them everywhere and anywhere. She doesn’t mind it and loves her kids more than anything…even if they can be a little greasy at times.

Alison Bucalo is iVillage's director of video. Follow her on Pinterest.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.