Parental guidance: Willie Geist and Megan Colarossi on how to enforce a curfew

From diapers to dating, sleep training to social media, we could all use a little Parental Guidance in our lives. TODAY anchor Willie Geist and contributor Megan Colarossi tackle parenting challenges in this new, original video series for Stay tuned for more, and tell us what parenting topics you'd like to see them discuss next! 

First up: Curfews.

"Since the beginning of time, teenagers have been trying to trick their parents into thinking they were home for curfew," Geist says. 

Geist and Colarossi mention several strategies for enforcing curfews. There's the old-school (an alarm clock set for curfew time, if it goes off you're in trouble); the high tech (track kids through their iPhones); and then there's the no-curfew option. Give kids freedom and see if they live up to the responsibility. 

"It's kind of a mind game," Geist notes.

Your turn: If you have teens, what curfew approach works best in your house?