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Parental Guidance: How to get out the door, lickety split (and tantrum-free!)

Avoid those crazy, hectic get-out-the-door moments with these helpful tips from Parental Guidance pros Megan Colarossi and Willie Geist.
/ Source: TODAY

The tears, the yelling, the begging, the pleading, and the endless negotiating. No, I'm not talking about a scene from a soap opera, I'm talking about the real life drama that ensues when trying to get your kids out the door.

It's a battle that can break the spirit of just about any parent— especially this one! No matter how much time you allow for you and your kids to get out of the house, it's never enough, never easy.

Whether it's a jacket that just won't go on right or a shoe shoved on the wrong foot, what seems like simple tasks to you and I can be downright hard for your little one to master.

But sweat, swear and stress no more—Willie and I have a few simple solutions that will help lessen the blow to help you get out the front door faster. From the jacket flip trick to the shoe sticker solution, be sure to check out our latest Parental Guidance episode because we might shave a few minutes off your morning routine and spare you a few tears as well.

Here are also a few extra tips that didn't make the cut. We hope it helps keep you and your kiddos more sane during that crazy morning routine.

Problem: CLOTHES DRAMA (“I don’t WANT to wear that dress, Mommy!”)

Solution: Lay out a few different options the night before to help focus your picky dresser.

Problem: KNOTTY HAIR (“You’re being mean with the brush, Mommy!”)

Solution: Apply a little baby oil to the knot and gently comb the hair. Voila, knot-be-gone with no pulling or pain!

Problem: PEE-PEE PROTEST (“But I don’t have to go right now.”)

Solution: Cheerios cereal (for boys) and stickers (for girls). Your little one might say they don't have to go to the bathroom, but you know better. Get them to use the restroom with these little tricks. Cheerios are great target practice for boys and a sticker reward can appeal to the girls.

Do you have any awesome tricks to ease your morning routine and get your kids out the door easily? Willie and I (and our TODAY parenting community) want your help. Send us your ideas. Also, do you have any ideas for an upcoming Parental Guidance? Please tell us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #ParentalGuidance: @megancolarossi, @williegeist, @today_parents. As we all know, being a parent is the toughest job in the world, but it’s totally worth the wild ride especially when we get a little help from a friend!