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Parental Guidance: How to deal with kids and tantrums

Kids and tantrums. Ugh. There is nothing like it.
/ Source: TODAY

Kids and tantrums. Ugh. There is nothing like it.

When you hear it and then it erupts..there’s no stopping it,” says Megan Colarossi. “Run for cover.”

But Team Parental Guidance— Megan, along with Willie Geist—have some ideas.

Tip #: Using Props.

TODAY Parenting Team member Tandra Wildkerson says “Use mood rings.” It diffuses the anger by focusing the attention on the ring.

Tip #2: Relax.

Guide them to a designated “relaxation chair” (a beanbag!) to get their zen on, says Megan.

Tip #3: Extraction and Intimidation.

Whether it’s at church or a restaurant or wherever, don’t let them continue to tantrum there. Extract them from the situation, says Willie. Take them outside and don’t ruin everyone else’s day.

Tip #4: Get creative.

TODAY Parenting member Glennon Doyle Melton says that when all else fails, put a paper bag on your head. It takes the whole pressure away from the situation and you get away from your own feelings, adds Megan. “It adds some levity” to the situation.

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