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Pampers launches a 'smart diaper' that tracks sleep and pee

It's technology in a diaper that you can track through a phone app. But some parents wonder: Is that necessary?
/ Source: TODAY

Apparently, the blue line wasn't enough. Pampers just announced it will be launching a "smart diaper" in the fall.

The system, called Lumi, comes with two reusable activity sensors, two packs of specially designed diapers with velcro-like patches, and a Logitech monitor that tracks room temperature and humidity.

Here's how it works: You attach a reusable sensor — it has a battery life of about three months — to the diaper. The sensor then logs wet nappies and sleep patterns, and sends all the information to your phone via an app.

According to a release the Lumi was created to let “parents see and understand their baby’s daily development 24/7.”

Lumi by Pampers Inquiry
The Lumi by Pampers Connected Care System.Pampers

Stephanie Berman, a Massachusetts-based mother of two, thinks it’s overkill. “Parents need to trust their instincts,” Berman told TODAY Parents. “This is smart marketing by a big brand preying on vulnerable new parents who think that if they get all the right stuff parenting will be easier.”

Stacie Krajchir-Tom, a mom in Los Angeles, also thinks Pampers missed the mark. “Just what we need, one more life tracking device to add to our already out of touch way of living,” she told TODAY Parents.”

But Jamie Martin, a first-time parent in San Francisco, says she would have considered Lumi when her 2-year-old daughter, Della, was a newborn. “

"If technology can help a parent get sleep and be more present for their child when it actually matters, why mock that?” Martin said. “We’re all about technology improving our lives in random useless ways — ‘Alexa, turn on the lights!’ — but we don’t want technology to help make a new parent’s life a little easier? Nonsense.”

Lumi by Pampers Inquiry
Lumi By Pampers Connected Care System.Pampers

Apparently many agree with Martin: there is already a waiting list to buy the Lumi system.

Though Procter & Gamble has not yet released a price, Blanca Aritzi, the product technology lead for Start Pampers, said Lumi won't cost much more than the brand’s other diapers.

Meanwhile, the Lumi is receiving raves from reviewers who were hired to test the system. Lindsay Danziger raved that when her daughter was sick, “it was reassuring to see that her number of wet diapers hadn’t changed.”