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P.F. Chang's to Panera: See the 20 best kids-menu dishes of 2015

Choose from these 20 amazing kid's menus at your local restaurant and know you're giving them healthy food they'll enjoy eating.
/ Source: TODAY

It's tough to stay healthy when you're eating out: From sky-high sodium content to massive portions, restaurant menus can be difficult to navigate.

And the same goes for kids' menus. If you want your little one to sample more than chicken fingers and buttered noodles, consider these items from popular restaurants, selected by Parents magazine as the 20 best kids-menu dishes of the year. The editors at Parents evaluated "hundreds of dishes" to come up with this list, and chose the winners based on "higher-quality ingredients, creative use of fruits, vegetables, or whole grains, and reasonable levels of sodium and fat."

1. Carrabba’s Whole-Grain Spaghetti with Spinach (220 calories, 3g fat, 463mg sodium)

2. Panera Bread’s Kids Garden Vegetable Soup with Pesto (90 calories, 4g fat, 560mg sodium without a side)

Panera's tomato-based soup contains zucchini, Swiss chard, beans, cauliflower, peppers and

3. Bonefish Grill’s Grilled Tilapia (240 calories, 14g fat, 557mg sodium with green beans)

4. Hard Rock Café’s Chillin’ with Chicken Salad (330 calories, 10g fat, 500mg sodium without dressing)

5. TGI Friday’s All-Natural Chicken Sandwich (320 calories, 17g fat, 410mg sodium without a side)

6. Jason’s Deli’s J.D. Nuggetz (170 calories, 6g fat, 480mg sodium without a side)

7. Cosi’s Kids Flatbread Pizza (250 calories, 10g fat, 395mg sodium without a side)

Lettuce, shredded cheese, chicken and carrot sticks comprise Hard Rock Cafe's Chillin' With Chicken Salad.Hard Rock Cafe

8. Uno Pizzeria & Grill’s Pick-a-Pasta (300 calories, 3g fat, 280mg sodium for penne with tomato sauce)

9. Zoë’s Kitchen’s Chicken Salad Sandwich (440 calories, 25g fat, 620mg sodium for sandwich only)

10. Mimi’s Café’s Turkey Dinner (220 calories, 6g fat, 730mg sodium without a side)

11. Red Robin’s Chick on a Stick (136 calories, 2g fat, 398mg sodium without dip or sides)

12. Ruby Tuesday’s Create Your Own Garden Bar

13. Red Lobster’s Snow Crab Legs (90 calories, 1g fat, 790mg sodium without a side)

14. Lyfe Kitchen’s Tofu Taco (289 calories, 14g fat, 506mg sodium without a side)

15. Houlihan’s Mini Cheeseburger (317 calories, 17g fat, 541mg sodium without a side)

Jason's Deli's J.D. Nuggetz are antibiotic-free and cornmeal-coated.Jason's Deli

16. P.F. Chang’s Sweet & Sour Chicken (300 calories, 11g fat, 400mg sodium without sides)

17. Rubio’s The Original Fish Taco (310 calories, 20g fat, 350mg sodium without sides)

18. Chipotle’s Two Taco Kit (380 calories, 16g fat, 350mg sodium)

19. Moe’s Southwest Grill’s Moo Moo Mr. Cow (257 calories, 11g fat, 404mg sodium)

20. True Food Kitchen’s Almond Butter, Apple, and Banana Sandwich (365 calories, 19g fat, 113mg sodium without a side)