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Actress Claire Holt posts about miscarriage: 'I've never felt more broken'

'So many people go through it and understand the breadth of pain, yet so few people talk about it.'
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

It's been over a week since actress Claire Holt had a miscarriage. Now, the star of "The Originals" is taking to Instagram to speak candidly about her grief and the importance of getting support.

But the photo in the post — which shows Holt wearing a hospital gown and giving the camera a thumbs up — is not what it seems at first glance.

"I took this photo 10 days ago, as I waited for surgery after my sweet little baby lost its heartbeat," Holt explained. "I sent it to my fiancé in the waiting room to show him that I was ok. I wasn’t. I’ve never felt more broken in my life."

Holt, who announced her engagement to businessman Andrew Joblon in December 2017, goes on to explain that after her miscarriage and a dilation and curettage procedure, she felt "depressed and hopeless" until she began seeking others who had experienced a similar loss.

"I found a community of women who shared my exact experience — who were open and vulnerable about miscarriage, something that isn’t often or openly discussed," wrote Holt. "It breaks my heart to think that losing a baby feels like something we have to keep to soon as I told my story, almost everyone I spoke to told me theirs. So many people go through it and understand the breadth of pain, yet so few people talk about it."

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The actress hopes to encourage other women to reach out for support.

"To anyone out there who has been through a miscarriage, I understand you," Holt continued. "I share every bit of your pain and you are not alone. Please be kind to yourself and I hope that you will be comfortable sharing your story, too."