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Online parenting classes help moms, dads with feeding, sleep training and more

In the age of COVID-19, many new parents are turning to virtual parenting classes to prepare for baby's arrival — and everything that comes next.
Baby sleeping
Is your baby struggling with sleep? Yep, there's a course for that. Getty Images

Parenting classes are nothing new, and often a right of passage for new moms and dads before the baby comes.

But in the age of COVID-19, many parents are turning to virtual courses to help prepare them for parenthood — and even beyond, to help get them through breastfeeding, sleep training, starting solids and so much more.

Here are a few online parenting classes to try.


Tinyhood was created by two women who struggled to find the guidance they needed when they became parents. The site offers a broad range of classes, all taught by certified experts, but its "flagship course" is Baby 101, a series of nine classes that cover everything parents should know before their little one arrives, including breastfeeding, sleep, safety and newborn care. The course costs $49.

The site offers classes and courses on many other topics, too, such as the dreaded 4-month sleep regression and toddler nutrition, for example — and right now, during the coronavirus pandemic, all of Tinyhood's breastfeeding classes are free.

Taking Cara Babies

If you're looking to get serious about sleep training, this one is for you.

Known simply as TCB to fans, Taking Cara Babies offers an online class for newborns, an eBook for babies 3-4 months and a more thorough course called "The ABCs of Sleep" for babies between 5 and 24 months.

Parents on message boards and social media swear by founder Cara Dumaplin's guidance for getting their babies to sleep through the night. But it doesn't come cheap: "The ABCs of Sleep," the most expensive course, costs between $179 and $319, depending on how many personal consultations are included.

Pro tip: Dumaplin also shares lots of great advice on Instagram.

Positive Parenting Solutions

This class is for parents of older children who are struggling to manage temper tantrums or kids just generally not listening. The course promises to teach parents how to "get kids to listen without nagging, yelling or losing control" using what founder Amy McCready calls a "7-Step Parenting Success System."

McCready teaches parents word-for-word scripts to avoid conflict, and says her courses work for parents of kids ages 2 1/2 to 16.

Different membership tiers range from $221 to $350, but there's also a free online class for parents who aren't sure they're ready to commit to the full course.

Feeding Littles

Whether you're curious about baby-led weaning or feeding a toddler, Feeding Littles has answers.

The course for babies ($59) is a 90-minute video that teaches new parents how and when your baby should start solids, what foods to start with and what to know about allergies, nutrition and more. The course for toddlers ($69) is composed of 18 lessons that are each 10 to 15 minutes long, and covers everything from picky eaters to dealing with relatives who offer up too many sweets.


WeeHuman's new parent course ($99) consists of three classes: modern childbirth, newborn care and breastfeeding. (The classes are also available individually for $29-$79.)

What makes WeeHuman unique is that some of its offerings are live, which is great for parents-to-be who might be missing the IRL interaction that the pandemic has put on pause.

Parents should also keep in mind there's plenty of free information available online if you're not ready to invest in a full course.

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