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Colorado mom's funny Elf on the Shelf impersonations go viral

Comedian Taylor Wolfe might be on Santa's naughty list after revealing an elf's innermost thoughts.
thedailytay / Instagram
/ Source: TODAY

Taylor Wolfe is making spirits bright. At least when it comes to weary parents who are spending their December rearranging a plush elf.

On Dec. 5, the Colorado-based writer and comedian posted a video pretending to be Elf on the Shelf.

"Since December first, I've seen so many parents post about their elf duties, whether they love it or hate it, and I noticed there's a lot of passion there," Wolfe told TODAY Parents. "It made we wonder what the elf's point of view might be."

In the video, Wolfe dons a wig, Santa hat and Elf on the Shelf's signature red and white costume, pretending to be one of Santa's spies, and answers questions as if being formally interviewed.

"Are we on? OK, hello, my name is Sparkle, Holly, Ivy, Stocking ... the list goes on. I am an elf on the shelf," Wolfe says in a raspy voice while drinking from a holiday mug. "My territory is mostly the Midwest. The real hyper moms. I love them so much, they try to act like they don't like doing this."

In the short clip, titled "Interview With Elf On The Shelf," Wolfe touches on her elf origins, as well as the more intense parts of the job.

"It's a seasonal, steady job. I get to use a lot of my acrobatic skills that I learned when I was a dancer," Wolfe jokes. "Do I get sick a lot? The kids aren't supposed to touch me, but they do. I do fall into toilets a lot."

The original video, which has garnered more than 391,000 views, was so popular, Wolfe made a second. This time, she pretended to be an an elf from Florida named Tammy.

"I cover mostly the Florida territory. Somebody pinch me, I don't know how I lucked out," Wolfe jokes while in character as Tammy. "When I'm not swinging from fans, I'm at the beach."

The first-time mom of Birdie, 1, said she is undecided on whether her family will participate in the popular Christmas trend in the future.

"I'm neither for or against it — however, I'm not very crafty and had very real fears about my dolls watching me as a child, so I'm not sure I want to pass this fear onto Birdie," Wolfe told TODAY.

Thankfully, she has time to decide.

"Birdie just turned 1 and I'll do pretty much anything for a laugh or smile from her," Wolfe said. "So if someday that includes hanging a toy elf from our ceiling fan, well then I guess you'll see me swinging from our ceiling fan trying to make it happen."

Wolfe said the feedback she's received has been positive.

"Several (people) have said they've always wondered what their elf is thinking or sounds like, and now they can't quite look at them the same after hearing my voice," she said.

And if there are parents who take issue with her parodies, Wolfe is choosing to look the other way.

"I'm sure there's a few dark DMs lurking in my unread box — there always are," she said. "But I have no intention of arguing with someone upset about a parody video about a talking toy elf. It's the holidays."