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Olivia Wilde kisses her son on the lips — and stirs up social media controversy

The actress posted a sweet photo on Instagram showing her son giving her a peck on the lips - and reviving a debate in parenting styles.
/ Source: TODAY

A photo of actress Olivia Wilde sharing a sweet moment and a little love with her 3-year-old son is delighting many on social media — while making others cringe.

Wilde recently posted a photo showing her son, Otis, giving her a peck on the lips during the boy's bath time.

“Finding hope in this ❤,” she wrote in the post, which went up last week in the wake of the nation’s deadliest mass shooting.

The post received more 113,000 likes, but it initially brought out criticism from people who said they found the moment inappropriate.

“It’s gross,” one person wrote, while another added: “Kissing your kid like your husband. It’s not good for him."

That led to a flood of positive comments thanking Wilde for posting the picture — and questioning why anyone would find such a moment between mother and child awkward or unnatural.

“Perfectly normal adorable kiss pic. Haters gonna hate. Keep up the love. It's beautiful,” one person wrote.

Many others shared that they also kiss their children, from toddlers to adults, on the lips, too.

“People that see something wrong with this are people with very dirty and twisted minds. This is a wonderful sign of affection. My daughter is in her 40s, sons in their 50s and we still give each other a little peck,” one person wrote. “On the check, no connection whatsoever. Get ur minds out of the gutter. This is parenting. Good for u.”

Wilde, who also has an 11-month-old daughter, Daisy, with her partner, Jason Sudeikis, is just the latest celebrity whose parental peck on the lips has set the internet on fire.

Social media lashed out at Hilary Duff after she posted a photo of herself and her then 4-year-old son giving a kiss on the lips while visiting Disneyland. The actress immediately clapped back at the criticism.

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"For anyone commenting that a kiss on the lips with my four-year-old is inappropriate, go ahead and click a quick unfollow with your warped minds and judgment," she said in a tweet.

And earlier this year David Beckham was subjected to similar criticism after he shared a sweet moment of affection with his daughter, Harper, just a month before she turned 6.

The former soccer superstar's photo, which he captioned, "Kiss for Daddy," met with divided opinion after he posted it to Instagram. It came nearly a year after his wife, Victoria Beckham, stirred up the very same controversy by posting a photo of herself kissing Harper on the lips.