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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' son wants a Beyonce bash for 2nd birthday

/ Source: TODAY

Olivia Wilde paid a visit to "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on her birthday Thursday. But despite it being her big day, the 32-year-old had someone else's celebration in mind.

Wilde's son Otis will turn 2 next month, and she vowed, "That is going to be the party to be at!"

That's because Otis may be small, but he's a huge Beyoncé fan.

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"It's going to be a Beyoncé listening party/appreciation/dance-off," Wilde said of the upcoming birthday bash.

Otis' obsession with the singer started innocently enough.

"You know how a lot of moms have on their iPads a kids' show — an appropriate-for-kids program, like an Elmo and such? I didn't, and we were on an airplane and I needed ... a distraction tool immediately," she explained. "All I had was all of Beyoncé's videos from her last album, and so I just put those on for him."

He was hooked as soon as he saw the video Wilde described as "arguably the most sexually explicit video ever made" — otherwise known as the "Yoncé" video.

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Ever since then, Otis hasn't been able to get enough of the woman he now calls "Beyoncé Boobies."


So his "Aunty Ellen" decided to put together a surprise in the form of all the party supplies a birth-Bey boy could possibly want.

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