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'Oh my God!' Daughter's announcement leaves mother (not so) speechless

Many parents are left speechless upon hearing the news that their daughter is pregnant. But for this mom, the words just kept coming.
/ Source: TODAY

Many women are left speechless upon hearing the news that their daughter is pregnant. But for this soon-to-be-grandmother, the words just kept coming.

Well, three words, at least.

In the video posted to YouTube on Monday by "America's Funniest Home Videos," a young woman shares the happy news that she's expecting a baby with her parents.

The excited father takes the news quite well, congratulating his daughter with a huge bear hug.

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But the mother, however, runs straight toward the wall, throws off her hat and shouts "Oh my God!" not once, not twice ... but 14 times!

The daughter, Lindsay Listanski, told TODAY that she wasn't surprised at all by her mother's great reaction.

"I knew how exciting the news would be to her," Listanski said. "I just know how much she loves me, and now she's going to have someone else to love the same way. It's probably the most special moment we've shared as a family."

Suzen Jacob, Listanski's mother, said that "sheer joy" was the only thing going through her mind.

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"My reaction came from the heart," she said. "It was pure and genuine, because we're just so excited and joyful."

Jacob told TODAY that Listanski is an only child. "When she was born, our family called ourselves the triangle. When she got married, the square. And now —"

She paused to let Listanski answer ... "A star!"

We just hope there's a camera ready when the little guy arrives in June.