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Oh, boy! Baby gives parents a surprise spray during photo shoot

When you take a diaper off a baby boy, anything can happen. Just ask this Indiana couple, who got "showered" at a photo shoot.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Parents of baby boys can attest that any time you take a diaper off, you better be ready for anything.

So when veteran boy parents Farren and Jeff Carlson went to have family photos taken after the birth of their third boy, Pryor, in February, they knew that getting the classic “naked newborn” photo could be dicey. And it was.

Their photographer, Abbie Rogers, posted the resulting “golden” moment in time on her photography Facebook page with the caption, “So....This happened today! In case anyone wants to know what really happens during a newborn session.”

The Carlsons, who live in Indiana, are parents to two other boys, ages 3 and 1. “Being a photographer myself, and having photographed newborns, I knew with no diaper it could happen. It has happened to me on the other end,” Carlson said. “However, we had no idea a little guy could have so much distance and power! We were switching up positions when he decided to show off his new talent, and the photographer was in just as much shock as we were and grabbed her camera quickly!”

Unfortunately, the “surprise” happened at the beginning of the photo shoot, not the end, but the Carlsons took it in stride. “I was wet the entire rest of the session, which is okay, because we love unique and artistic photos, which we feel this is,” said Carlson. “Our other two boys were too busy running around to even notice!”