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Oh baby! The best surprise pregnancy announcements

Savannah surprised the TODAY anchors by announcing her second pregnancy on the air, but she's not the only one with big news to share.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

When it comes to announcing baby news, some people can't resist springing the ultimate surprise on friends and family.

Savannah Guthrie surprised her TODAY co-anchors by announcing that she and husband Mike Feldman are expecting their second child during a segment Savannah introduced as the "Tuesday Trending Fishbowl." The setup? The anchors would answer "random" questions pulled from a fishbowl. Surrounded by her TODAY family, Savannah pulled a slip of paper out and read the question "Are you pregnant?"

"Well yeah, I am pregnant!" Savannah exclaimed, resulting in joyful hugs and congratulations from her co-anchors.

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The baby, due in December, will join big sister Vale, 21 months.

Because everyone loves a happy surprise, TODAY Parents has rounded up a few of our other favorite surprise pregnancy announcements.

1. The 'Whisper Challenge' Announcement

Inspired by Jimmy Fallon, one Texas mom-to-be told her parents that they were going to be grandparents by mimicking Fallon's "Whisper Challenge," where one player wears noise-canceling headphones while the other repeats a phrase until the wearer of the headphones is able to read their lips.

When the grandpa-to-be finally figured out that the phrase was, "You are going to be a grandfather," he was overjoyed with the news.

2. The Baby Food Blindfold Reveal

In a surprise taste test, this wife blindfolded her husband and filmed him trying different kinds of baby food.

While it takes the dad-to-be a bit of time to catch on to the reason his wife is feeding him mashed avocado and bananas, his touching reaction makes the surprise even more special.

3. The Photo Booth Surprise

This photographer and her husband had a tradition of taking photos together in photo booths, so when she learned she was pregnant, she thought of the perfect way to share the news with the father of her child.

During a seemingly routine photo booth shoot, the mom-to-be holds up a hat that reads "baby," capturing her husband's sweet response when he finally understands her message.

4. The 'Say Cheese' Switch-Up

This couple asked friends to pose for photos, but when it was time to snap each shot, they told their friends to say, "Kat's Pregnant!"

They later put together a touching video of each person's surprised, excited reaction to the news.

5. The Cookie Cake Special

To tell their daughters that they had a sibling on the way, these Tennessee parents surprised them with cookie cakes decorated to announce that they were going to be big sisters. Their happy screams of delight caused the video to go viral.

6. The Seasonal Surprise

A good old-fashioned photo, whether it's shared in a card or on social media, provides an excellent opportunity to take advantage of seasonal themes for the ultimate surprise. See how some of TODAY's Facebook fans got creative with fall announcements!

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