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Happy Grandparents Day! 21 photos that show the special bond of love

Is it Nonni or Grams or Gigi? Is it Pops or Grandad or Big Guy? Whatever the name, we salute them on National Grandparents Day, Sept. 13.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Is it Nonni or Grams or Gigi? Is it Pops or Grandad or Big Guy? Whatever the name, we salute them on National Grandparents Day, Sept. 13.

We asked readers to share photos of their kiddos with their grandparents, and to tell us what special name they call them. Thanks to all who shared on our TODAY Parents Facebook page. The hugs, smiles and generational bonds truly touched us.

1. Nanny

My 1-year-old twin daughters with their Nanny (Liz). They are her only grandchildren at this point and the loves of her life.Kristen Devlin

2. Grandpop

This is a photo of my daughter and my Grandpop. It was taken at my daughter's first birthday party. This was the last photo taken of them together. My Grandpop had a stroke on their birthday.Lisa May Hetrick

3. Nana Rose

My 3 kids with their 92-year-old great grandmother "Nana Rose." My daughter is named after her.Stacie Allen Wiese

4. Gumpy

Playing with her Grandpa- or as we call him, Gumpy.Abigayle Townsend

5. Grams

My Luna adores her grandmother "Grams". We could not be luckier to have her in our lives. My mother loves my baby with such purity and intensity. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her! She is the best mother a "girl" could dream of, and an even better grandma.Mari Carmen Vega

6. Lord Don

Elaina and her grandpa (he prefers Lord Don :)) sharing some ice cream and a smile.Shirlene Mais

7. Tutu

Tutu, my mother, walking our 19 month old, Idoline, and our 3 week old twins, Nonie and Miller. She loves her grands.Hope Moon

8. Baca

My daughter golfing with Grandpa who she calls "Baca"...Grandma is "Monga". She came up with those on her own.Jennifer Fourn

9. Gammie

My youngest, 2 year old Kennedy, with her Gammie at DisneyworldCynthia Wingood

10. Grampa

My 4-year-old son with my Dad. Grampa is his best title. I swear he was born to be a Grampa!Jenn Rockman

11. MoMo

My 2-month-old daughter with her MoMo...She is the youngest granddaughter out of 6 grandchildren.

12. Fireman Papa

My 2 kids spending time with their "Fireman Papa," their great grandpa who has worked at the fire station for over 50 years! I have many great memories at the fire station and I'm so glad my kids get to now. He is an AMAZING grandpa/great grandpa! He retires this month and we are really going to miss spending time at the fire station.Jessica Butler

13. Grammy

Look familiar?! Emerson and Grammy go to NYC.Susan Trapp Forster

14. Pappy Spade

Corrina playing Headbandz with her Pappy Spade.Renee Spade Hall

15. Ha

They call her "Ha" for Halmony, which is Korean for grandmother.Ellen Kim

16. Poppy

Jase and his Poppy.Sandra Horn

17. Gam Gam

Dillan and Delaney with Gam GamAmber Dalrymple

18. Papa

Liam with his Papa.Ashley Homenko

19. Gigi

Lewis Fletcher and his 96-year-old great-great-grandmother, Gigi. Lewis is named after her father.Alyssa Stiglets

20. Pop-Pop

Austin enjoying a book and a snuggle with his Pop-Pop. His Mee-Mee and Pop-Pop are his very best friends. Lucky boy!Angela Astrup

21. Layla

Mia enjoying the swings with her Layla (taken from the Spanish word abuela).Katie Sanchez