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Boy, 5, gets 'no-show' bill for missing his buddy's birthday party


A 5-year-old boy in England has been billed for skipping out on a birthday party — and his parents have been threatened with court action if they don’t pay up.

Alex Nash recently came home with a £15.95 invoice ($24) in his school bag for not attending a party that took place at a ski park shortly before Christmas.

Alex’s parents said they accepted the invitation but later realized the date conflicted with a family commitment with the boy’s grandparents. They admitted to backing out at the last minute but said they planned to apologize to the birthday boy's parents. However, after Alex returned to school after the holidays, the invoice was slipped into his book bag by his school teacher.

“It was a proper invoice with full official details and even her bank details on it,” Derek Nash told the BBC.

Nash said he went to the home of the parents who sent the invoice and spoke to the mother.

“I knocked on her door. She answered it and I told her I found the invoice in my son’s bag and I wasn't happy about that,” Nash said

He understands why the parents are upset about the cost of the birthday party but said he was angry over how they handled the experience.

“Because I was so angry I said she wasn't going to get a penny out of me," Nash explained.

The ski park where the party was held, Plymouth Ski and Snowboard Centre, posted a note on Facebook about the incident saying it never sent out any invoices in the matter. “This is a disagreement between the two parents involved and the fact that the centre has been named on the invoice is fraudulent.”

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