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Parents of NICU babies praise Jimmy Kimmel's wife for speaking about health care

Comedy writer Molly McNearney wasn't having it from critics who are reportedly telling her husband to "stay in his lane."
/ Source: TODAY

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel has made no secret of his political views, especially when they differ from those of the president's administration. Health care is of special interest to Kimmel, whose infant son, Billy, underwent open heart surgery shortly after his birth.

Kimmel, 49, is hardly the first comedian to speak out on public policy — but not everyone is happy about his advocacy, with some reportedly telling the late-night TV host that he ought to "stay in his lane."

Getty / @mollymcnearney

Kimmel's wife, comedy writer Molly McNearney, may not have the same visibility as her husband, but she is also being vocal about her own views. On Thursday, she fired back at would-be silencers via Twitter, in strong support of her husband using his platform to speak out.

"It would be irresponsible knowing what we know and experiencing what we experienced to 'stay in our lane,'" McNearney wrote. "Move over. We're merging."

The metaphor has since resonated with plenty of families.

McNearney's social media battle cry was met with support from other NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) parents who agreed that their harrowing experiences dealing with the health care system have made them uniquely qualified to weigh in on the issue.

"Hell hath no fury like a NICU parent. I was there 15 years ago. Should only be concerned with (babies) not $$$," said one tweeter.

"Parents of sick kids are de facto experts in how our healthcare system fails families," another agreed.

One Twitter user called the couple's advocacy "the best use of celebrity and influence."

As for the Kimmel-McNearney family, they're continuing to fight for their cause — baby Billy included.

"Hey @SenJohnMcCain -Thanks for fighting for kids like me," Kimmel posted with a smiling Billy outfitted in boxer fighting attire after the senior senator from Arizona publicly condemned the Graham-Cassidy health care bill on Friday.

We've got to admit, it's pretty hard to ignore a spokesperson that adorable.