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Nicole Kidman reveals daughters' hilariously humbling reaction to her stardom

Nicole Kidman recently took home two Emmys for "Big Little Lies" — but the night of the awards, she was brought down to planet Earth after she got home.
/ Source: TODAY

Nicole Kidman recently took home two Emmys for playing an abused wife in the buzzy miniseries "Big Little Lies" — but the night of the awards, she was brought down to planet Earth after she got home with husband Keith Urban.

“The great equalizer is showing the Emmys to Sunny and Faith," Kidman told TODAY, referring to her daughters, 9 and 6. "They don’t want them. It’s so funny. It’s such a kid thing. Sunday was like, ‘Mama, I know you said we could put in our shelf but it won’t fit. We have enough things on the shelf.’”

On the heels of "Lies," she’s co-starring in the dark family drama "The Killing of a Sacred Deer."

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban arrive for the 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony.EPA

The shoot was 40 minutes from her Nashville home, which was a key consideration, because Kidman’s priority is her family and doing the school drop-off run in the mornings. And she knows work has cut into her time with them — too often for her liking.

“You always have to juggle. They sacrificed so much. Any working mother experiences that. My children and my husband sacrifice,” she said.

There’s been so much in the news about sexual harassment of late, so we wondered how Kidman was raising her girls to be strong, outspoken, confident women. She leads by example, she says, opting to practice instead of preach.

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“So much is stepping aside and letting them become who they are,” said Kidman. “I don’t know if I’m teaching that as much as giving them their voices.”

“I let them negotiate so they get a sense of who they are and what they can achieve and accomplish,” she added.

For her, the most humbling thing about having kids is — well, nothing. It’s not the word she’d use. “It’s more about being there and setting boundaries and offering unconditional love. I’m always trying to learn,” she said.

That holds true when it comes to fashion, even for one of the most glamorous women on the planet. “They weigh in. I kind of hold my own a bit now. No, I’m wearing this. They liked the red dress for the Emmys,” she giggled, referring to the scarlet Calvin Klein stunner she wore that night.