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New survey reveals the naughtiest baby names

Find out what names teachers think are the naughtiest!

As the holidays approach, there's plenty of discussion about who's naughty and who's nice. A recent survey provides a new look at which baby names are most commonly associated with mischief and bad behavior, so make sure to check that list twice!

The British companies My Nametags and CensusWide surveyed 1,500 teachers, parents, and children in the United Kingdom. Participants were asked to rank the top 20 baby names based on their perception of behavior.

Jack came in as the naughtiest boy name, with teachers, children and parents all agreeing that Jacks were most likely to misbehave. (Carson Daly's son Jackson, who goes by Jack, might just be ending up on the naughty list this holiday season!)

Top 5 naughtiest boy names

1. Jack

2. Harry

3. Charlie

4. Oliver

5. George

Top 5 naughtiest girl names

1. Mia

2. Ella

3. Isabella

4. Amelia

5. Sophia

When it came to girls, parents and teachers thought the Mias of the world were the biggest troublemakers, but children themselves find Emilys to be the most mischievous.

If you're looking for a name associated with good behavior, at lease in the UK, try going with Arthur or Isla, perceived as the best-behaved names for boys and girls, respectively.

Other well-mannered boy names included Noah, Oscar, Muhammed, and Leo, while good girls had names like Ava, Grace, Olivia, and Emily, according to the survey.

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