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A new poll confirms that moms are awesome at social media

Sorry kids, your mom is awesome.
/ Source: TODAY

Sorry kids, there is no escaping mom, even on Facebook.

It turns out that 75 percent of parents use social media, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. That is a higher rate than the 66 percent of adults overall who use social networking sites.

Moms are especially active online -- and they love to "Like" things. Among those who use social media, 53 percent of moms said that they "strongly agree" that they use social media to respond to good news shared by people in their network. (Dads rang in at a more curmudgeonly 33 percent.)

Pew Study
Pew Research Center

Moms also get a lot of love online. Forty-five percent said they "strongly agree" that they get social support from their friends on social media, compared to 22 percent for dads.

The study was a result of a poll of 2,000 U.S. adults.

Despite the stereotype, parents aren't befuddled by their kids' social media habits. The reason?

“Many parents may have already been social media users before having children, and they’ve adapted these advantages to their new scenarios," said report author Maeve Duggan.

Yes, in the future, it will seem natural to watch children and their grandparents tweet emoji by the fireplace.

Right now, parents are not only getting emotional support on Facebook, they are also getting advice. A majority of parents (79 percent) on social media said that they have found useful information in their online social networks.

Another 59 percent -- including 66 percent of mothers and 48 percent of fathers -- said they found useful information specifically about parenting.

So remember, kids, when you grow up and thank the people who raised you, don't forget to mention Facebook and Twitter along with mom and dad.