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New Baby Basics: What parents need to know about colic

Tips on what to do about colic from moms who have survived it.
/ Source: TODAY

Welcome to what the Mayo Clinic calls "one of the first major challenges of parenting": colic.

Your newborn cries for no reason but with an intensity that suggests the world is ending...and offers repeat performances for weeks, if not months.

The good news: While there's no cure for colic, most babies grow out of it without any long-term consequences.

"It's sad and it's heartbreaking to deal with colic, but it goes away," says mom Sarah Burleson in the latest installment of TODAY's "New Baby Basics" video series.

Burleson and fellow mom Kristina Haag spoke to TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer about their experiences with colic and shared their tips for calming a fussy baby. Burleson recommends bouncing with your infant on an exercise ball, while Haag mentioned using white noise and swaddling.

Watch this video for all of our doctor and mom-approved tips:

And Patrice offers perhaps the most important advice if you're going through this: "If your baby does have colic, just hang in there. I promise it will get better."

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