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New Baby Basics: Welcome to parenthood, here's your instruction manual!

With help from mom-about-town (and TODAY producer) Patrice Poltzer, TODAY answers the most commonly asked questions from new parents.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Becoming a parent for the first time can be overwhelming. From choosing a pediatrician to soothing a teething baby, it's easy to get caught up searching for answers (aka, frantically Googling) when you should be enjoying time with your new bundle of joy.

That's why we're launching New Baby Basics, a digital original series by TODAY that tackles the most-searched questions that new parents want to know.

"Like us, I'm sure you've spent countless hours online, searching for answers to all your parenting questions," says Patrice Poltzer, a TODAY producer and mom of one (soon to be two). "And, it got me thinking, why not create a space where you can find those answers in one spot without wasting any time?"

Poltzer and her husband, Olly Jones, star in TODAY's new video series, "New Baby Basics." Join them as they tackle questions about everything from choosing a stroller, to successfully scheduling date nights. What questions would you like New Baby Basics to answer next? Let us know on our Facebook page!