New Baby Basics: How to dress for pregnancy and the fourth trimester

Pregnancy comes with lots of curves, especially in the last trimester. But is there a way to flaunt them instead of fighting them? And can your style even flatter your lack of a waist?

In this installment of TODAY's "New Baby Basics" video series, TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer talks to "Pregnant in Heels" star and maternity wear designer Rosie Pope about dressing while pregnant:

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Pope's tips include shopping for nursing bras in your third trimester (not postpartum!) and finding underwear with a sticky waistband to prevent it from riding down.

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Pope also shares her fashion advice for the "fourth trimester," those first few months after giving birth when you'll still look pregnant. She recommends setting aside shirts with side-cinching in favor of pleated button-ups and baggy sweaters that will accommodate your changes in shape.

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