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New Baby Basics: How to do date night right

TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer reports on the keys to success for that very first "date night" after baby.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Date nights are important: Parents with older children will tell any new parent about the importance of getting out of the house regularly for some grown-up time. While the idea of leaving your little one and going out together may seem scary, TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer and her husband, Olly Jones, are offering their tips for date night success in the latest video in TODAY's "New Baby Basics" series.

"The first time you leave your baby is definitely really weird," says Poltzer. "You're going to be feeling a whole range of emotions."

"It's so important that you do it. It's really hard being first time parents," says Poltzer. "You need to learn how to laugh about it and you also need to remember that you were individuals before you had this baby."

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