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New Baby Basics: Teething bites; here's how to deal

TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer shares some easy tips every parent should know to make teething time less painful... for everyone.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Teething time is a challenge for most parents: until one or two teeth break through, it can be hard for new parents to pinpoint the source of their baby's fussiness or excess drool. That's why in this installment of TODAY's "New Baby Basics" digital video series, TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer and her husband, Olly Jones, explore the ways parents figure out that their babies are teething, as well as how to soothe those sore baby gums.

From crankiness to finger chomping, babies give tell-tale signs that a new tooth is about to break through. The key is knowing the best ways to soothe them until the pain subsides.

In this video, Poltzer surveys parents-about-town for their best teething remedies, from the healing powers of a frozen washcloth to a Sophie the Giraffe teething toy.

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