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New Baby Basics: How to buy a stroller

TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer shares a few simple questions and tricks that will help you find the perfect stroller for YOUR family.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Walking through the stroller section of a baby store can be a daunting task for parents-to-be. With so many types of strollers, how does a parent even begin to choose the one that best fits their family?

"Shopping for a stroller is a lot more overwhelming than I was expecting," admits TODAY Producer Patrice Poltzer, in the latest installment of TODAY's "New Baby Basics" video series.

In the video, Poltzer and her husband, Olly Jones, share a list of helpful things to consider when buying a stroller, from the weight of the stroller to how easily it folds and fits into a car.

"You can kind of get caught up in all the extra accoutrements," cautions Poltzer, who breaks down the most important and practical things to look for when purchasing a stroller.

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