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Need a gift? Try these top toys for toddlers

In part one of the week-long “Today Toy Test 2005” series, consumer specialist Herb Weisbaum previews the top selections for toddlers.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s America’s biggest and most comprehensive toy test. Thousands of kids across the country tested hundreds of this year’s new toys to see which ones they like the best. For “Toy Test 2005,” contributor and consumer specialist Herb Weisbaum has the winning results, which he shares in a special report on “Today.” First up is a look at the toddler category.

We tested 35 toddler toys this year. For us, toddler toys are appropriate for children from 18 months to about 3 years. Toys with small parts (which could present a choking hazard to a toddler) and those recommended for children 3 and up were tested in preschool classrooms. For more top-rated toddler toys, plus a complete list of all the winners in every age group, check out the “Toy Test 2005” Guide. Here are the top six toys for toddlers:

Today Toy Test 2005 - Click here for the full list of this year’s winners

Consumer expert and “Today” contributor Herb Weisbaum has been helping people across the country for more than 25 years. His award-winning reports have exposed everything from quack medications to bogus investments. Since 1990, his Toy Test has helped millions of parents and grandparents select the best toys for their kids. To learn more about Herb Weisbaum and his latest consumer reports, you can visit his Web site at: