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NBC News NOW's Simone Boyce welcomes second child: 'Ready to take on the world'

Simone Boyce is also mom to one-year-old Logan.
Courtesy Simone Boyce

NBC News' Simone Boyce has given birth to her second child!

Boyce and her husband, Michael Green, welcomed Keenan Charles Green to the world on Sept. 1 at 5:55 in the morning.

The NBC News NOW correspondent said that the child's name was a particular favorite for her and Green.

"We’ve always loved the name Keenan and Charles is my dad’s name," Boyce said in an email to TODAY Parents.

Boyce also added that the baby was born two weeks early.

Simone Boyce and Michael Green with newborn son Keenan Charles Green.
Simone Boyce and Michael Green with newborn son Keenan Charles Green. Courtesy Simone Boyce

"Keenan was born two weeks early at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the world," Boyce said in an email to TODAY Parents. "I’d heard second babies can come with little to no warning and was nervous about getting to the hospital on time. We live a good 45 minutes away from the hospital, so it’s a good thing we left when we did. I was already in labor and having excruciating contractions at that point. The whole ride there, all I could think was, 'Lord, don’t let me give birth in this car!'"

While getting to the hospital was stressful, Boyce said that her preparations were "pretty low key."

"I brought a few essentials — a camera, deodorant, hair ties, snacks and a speaker to set the delivery room vibes," Boyce said. "Keenan heard the soothing sounds of Novo Amor and mama’s squeals as he made his grand entrance."

Boyce's older child, 1-year-old Logan, was "so excited" to meet Keenan.

Simone Boyce and her older son, Logan.
Simone Boyce and her older son, Logan. Courtesy Simone Boyce

"The first thing (Logan) wanted to do was give (Keenan) a kiss," Boyce said. "It was the sweetest thing."

Throughout her pregnancy, Boyce has chronicled her major milestones on social media, including sharing a fun photo of herself posing before a doctor's appointment and a glamorous selfie showing off her pregnant stomach.

"A few weeks ago, I tweeted that pregnancy could be an Olympic sport and I think anyone who has given birth, or witnessed it, would agree," Boyce said. "The sheer power, athleticism and endurance this feat requires is truly mind-blowing. After going through this miraculous otherworldly experience a second time, I’m even more astounded by women and what we are capable of."

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