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NBC News correspondent who was pregnant and got sick on air has baby

In May, Julia Ainsley was ill on-air and later revealed it was morning sickness. This week, she and her husband welcomed a baby girl.
Julia Ainsley

NBC News correspondent Julia Ainsley made headlines in 2019 after a bout of morning sickness forced her to step off-camera during a live MSNBC interview in May. In September, she confirmed her pregnancy on-air.

Now, after a "very nauseous pregnancy," Julia and her husband, Newman Ainsley, have welcomed their little one.

"We are overjoyed to welcome Mary Wells Knight Ainsley into the world!" said her parents in a statement that they shared with TODAY Parents.

Julia and Newman Ainsley welcomed their daughter to the world on Jan. 5. Julia Ainsley

The baby girl was born at 3:25 p.m. on Jan. 5, 2019, weighing seven pounds and 11 ounces and measuring 19.5 inches.

The sweet name has a long family history behind it.

"She is named after her paternal great-great grandmother, one of the first women to win the Pulitzer Prize For Biography," said the proud parents. "Mary Wells comes from a long line of strong women and we can't wait to discover who she will become."

Mary Wells first made herself known to the world on May 29, 2019, while Julia was on camera and just seven weeks pregnant. Julia appeared to fan herself and appear uncomfortable before finally exiting the screen.

Originally, Julia told concerned fans on Twitter that she had only been dehydrated, but on Sept. 10, 2019, she announced on "Morning Joe" that she was expecting.

According to the statement, both mother and baby are currently doing well.

"Right now, [Mary Wells] is focused on sleeping, eating and discovering her hands," said the parents. "After giving her mommy a very nauseous pregnancy, Mary Wells turned out to be a champ at birth and eating."