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Following son's brain surgery, Natasha Bedingfield is 'grateful' for terrible 2s

The singer says all the hospital time gave her family a "head start" on adjusting to wearing masks.
/ Source: TODAY

For most parents, going through toddlers' "terrible" years can be extra challenging. But "Unwritten" singer Natasha Bedingfield says she's nothing but "grateful" for having the opportunity to go through that stage with her son Solomon, 2 1/2.

That's because in late 2019, she and husband Matt Robinson faced the challenge of watching Solomon undergo brain surgery. As she told People Magazine, now that all is well, she has a new perspective on raising her youngster.

"I'm just really enjoying my son and even if he's difficult and going through the 'terrible 2s' and stuff, I'm just grateful for it because of what I've just been through," she said. "I just keep reminding myself if it gets frustrating, I'm glad to be feeling frustrated, glad for the luxury of that."

Bedingfield, 38, is about to release a new single, "Together in This," for the upcoming "Jungle Beat: The Movie" soundtrack. She said there was a small silver lining to having to deal with hospitalizations at the end of last year.

"We have a unique experience because we were in the hospital just two months before COVID because Solo had a brain abscess and had to have some surgeries," she explained. "He's completely recovered now, but we spent a whole five weeks in a tiny little hospital room wearing masks, so we kind of got a head start on what everyone's going through."

The singer posted about Solomon's illness on Instagram in December, noting in part, "Feeling gutted but also thank God that we live in a time of MRI where we are able to see into our own minds and for doctors who are wise enough to keep asking questions."

These days, quarantine aside, things are largely back to normal for little Solomon, and it turns out he loves hearing his mom sing to him.

"He's very creative in every way, and I think kids are because it's so natural, especially if they have access to it," she explained in the interview. "He's grown up around me doing music. I think he thinks every mum does it because it's so normal for him."

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