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Natalie Morales tries your bedtime advice

Brush teeth, read a story, lights out, goodnight? Sometimes bedtime is not that easy, as TODAY's Natalie Morales can attest.

The mom of two boys, ages 8 and 3, Natalie asked TODAY Moms for your advice with bedtime battles last month. Like many families, bedtime can become playtime at her household. And while her husband is enjoying wrestling matches, Natalie's the one saying "time to go to bed right now!"

So, she asked, how can I make bedtime easier? TODAY Moms answered -- and Natalie put your advice to the test! Now she's reporting back on what she tried (countdowns and massage) and what she didn't try (scaring the kids into bed!).

"Some of you are very creative and have great solutions. Others, I'm a little worried about," Natalie joked.

What worked for Natalie? Watch the video and see. Thanks to Mandie Porick, Berna Herrera, Millie Smith, Marianne Rosales Castro Huff and all the TODAY Moms who weighed in with advice on Facebook.

What parenting dilemma would you like Natalie to tackle next? Tell us on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

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