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See this adorable baby's reaction as her dad tries (and fails) to trim her nails

A Brazilian mother posted a viral video of her baby giggling every time her father tries to clip her nails.
/ Source: TODAY

Any parent of an infant or toddler knows how stressful it can be to clip a young child’s nails. Screams often come to mind.

But peals of giggles?

In a viral video posted on Facebook, an adorable little baby squeals with delight as soon as her nervous father closes in to trim her nails. She then begins giggling, prompting her father to do the same.

Marcelinha Dos Santos Iwama, who lives in San Paola, Brazil, originally posted the video of her daughter Sept. 5 on her Facebook page, where it received more than 26 million views. She later added the video to YouTube, where it also became a viral hit.

Nailed it!