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'My dogs became dogs': 7 ways life changes when you have kids

What changes when you have kids? Everything! TODAY Parenting Team members at NBC affiliates share their stories as Mother's Day nears.
/ Source: TODAY Parenting Team

What changes when you have kids? Everything!


As we count down to Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we're asking parents to share how life changes when you become a parent... all the ways, big and small. To start things off, we asked some of the TODAY Parenting Team members at NBC affiliates across the country to share their stories.

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Evrod Cassimy and his son.Courtesy Evrod Cassimy

1. “Becoming a dad has changed my life by allowing me to see the world again through a child's eyes.” — Evrod Cassimy, WDIV, Detroit

Gayle Guyardo and her daughters.Courtesy Gayle Guyardo

2. “Becoming a mom changed by life by making me understand what's really important in life. Before, my life revolved completely around work and yes, I love my job but I cherish my four daughters.” — Gayle Guyardo, WFLA, Tampa

Eun Yang and her baby.Courtesy Eun Yang

3. “Becoming a mom has changed my life by making me realize I really can function on very little sleep.” — Eun Yang, WRC-TV, Washington

Tram Mai's twins.Courtesy of Tram Mai

4. “My life changed the most because when my twins were born, my dogs became dogs.” — Tram Mai, KPNX, Phoenix

Daniella Guzman and her baby.Courtesy Daniella Guzman

5. “Becoming a mom has changed my life by forcing me to learn to be flexible, to just go with the flow. Things are going to be dirty. I'm going to be late. Things aren't going to go as planned.” — Daniella Guzman, KNBC, Los Angeles

Whit Johnson and his family.Courtesy Whit Johnson

6. “Becoming a dad changed my life by dramatically increasing my level of stress and happiness at the same time.” — Whit Johnson, KNBC, Los Angeles

Renee Chou and her daughter.Courtesy Renee Chou

7. “Being a mom changed my life by making me realize that no matter how bad the day, I get to come home to an adorable 2 year old who says ‘mommy’ gives me a hug and makes everything all right.” — Renee Chou, WRAL, Raleigh

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