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And the must-have toy of the holidays is ... a slime-pooping unicorn

Poopsie the "Slime Surprise Unicorn" is one of the hottest (and strangest) toys of the season.

Meet Poopsie the pooping unicorn!

This colorful, big-eyed unicorn is one of the hottest toys of the holiday season, and it's making kids laugh and parents scratch their heads. When a kid gets one of these mystical creatures, they basically feed it a bottle of powdered “unicorn food” mixed with water, wait a few minutes, push the bellybutton and then, it does exactly what you think it does ... it poops!

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn (Rainbow or Oopsie), $50, Amazon

Also available at Walmart and Target.

And to make the toy even more comical (and disturbing) the poop that comes from the heart-shaped whole on the unicorn's bottom is a glittery slime that kids can play with and obsess over.

There are four different Poopsie unicorns: Rainbow Brightstar, Oopsie Starlight, Whoopsie Doodle and Dazzle Darling. Each doll comes with one glitter potty, four unicorn food packets (slime powder), four unicorn magic packets, one unicorn sparkle packet, a bottle, a keychain, a unicorn shirt and diaper, a spoon, hair brush, cleaning tool and measuring cup.

Poopsie Slime Surprise Unicorn (Whoopsie or Dazzle), $50, Amazon

There is a surprise factor to every package because kids won't know exactly which unicorn they got, which bottle (which resembles a Starbucks Frappuccino) or which keychain. This plays into the popular trend of YouTube "unboxing" that has been carried over into the toy world in the last couple of years.

As absurd as the toy may sound, kids are going crazy over it. According to The New York Post, Isaac Larian, founder and CEO of MGA Entertainment estimates they’ll sell about 650,000 Poopsies around the world this season. The company has also seen great success with LOL Dolls in recent years, so they clearly know how to appeal to the kids of today.

If your kid already has a slime-pooping unicorn, then here are a couple other gift ideas that they will equally enjoy.

  • Poopsie Pooey Puitton Slime Surprise Slime Kit & Carrying Case, $50 (usually $70), Amazon

How creative is this Pooey Puitton purse?! The slime kit and carrying case includes 12 unicorn food packets, six unicorn magic packets, four unicorn sparkle packets, two unicorn crunch packets, four mystery scents, a spoon, an exclusive bottle and one exclusive poop character keychain.

  • Poopsie Slime Surprise Pack, $16, Amazon

Also available at Walmart and Target.

This smaller Poopsie accessory kit includes a keychain, container, bottle, spoon, unicorn food, a surprise scent and a pack of both unicorn magic and unicorn sparkle, which can be all be used to make more slime.

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