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By Lesley Kennedy

Don’t think you can have a minivan full of family fun in six seconds? You haven’t met the “Eh Bee” family.

That’s the name a Toronto, Canada, household goes by on its Vine, YouTube and Instagram channels, posting laugh-out-loud videos (seriously, we had tears in our eyes) that are quickly amassing a loyal fan base— they have more than 380,000 followers on Vine, alone. Their latest gem? “Kidz Bop: Family Edition,” where the family raps over Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.”

Posted five days ago, the video has already amassed 138,000 likes and been shared 117,000 times. Not bad for six seconds of work.

“I’m just a geeky Internet guy who works in the market research business,” he said. “We wanted to see if we could keep it clean and come up with stuff folks would find funny. For us, it’s just being goofs and having fun.”

Some of the ideas for the videos come from everyday life, Andres says, and he’ll run them by his wife and kids for approval. But often the family will just pull out the phone and start shooting.

“Usually, the spur of the moment ones do much better than the ones we overthink,” he says. Andres’ daughter, in particular, has become a bit of a breakout star in the videos.

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“[In the] Kidz Bop parody, my daughter yelling the ‘what what’ is one of those little additions she throws in without me even knowing and when we play it back, we’re like, ‘That was perfect!’,” he said. “I just can’t stop laughing when I’m Vining her because she keeps a straight face and she’s so into the role and I’m usually the one who cracks.”

While moms seem to own the blogosphere, when it comes to Vine— home to other dad channels like BatDad and Josh Darnit — does father know best? Andres says we might be onto something, and notes he’s actually part of a Vine dads group, where men share ideas and chat.

“I don’t know if it’s a mommy or daddy or thing, but I guess my attention span is so short that Vine was perfect for me,” he says. “I can’t sit down and write a long well-thought out blog— I wouldn’t be able to do it. My wife probably would, though, no problem.”

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Here's hoping we get a 6-second video about it!

See all of the Eh Bee family Vines here and check them out on YouTube and Instagram.

Lesley Kennedy writes for Follow ShopAtHome on Instagram @shopathome and Lesley on Google +.