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9 life lessons our mothers taught us that we'll never forget

More than gifts, brunches or even cards, moms really just want their kids to be happy. Thanks to all the moms for these nine life lessons.
/ Source: TODAY

For everything they do and all that they are, it seems like mothers should get more than a day. Should there be a Mother's Week? A Mother's Month?

The truth is: More than thoughtful gifts, homemade brunches or even handmade cards, there's only one thing that moms really want: their kids to be healthy and happy. This Mother's Day, the TODAY Parenting Team is saying "thank you" to the women who taught them how to become strong adults.

What life lesson did you learn from your mom? Do you have an amazing, time-saving strategy? Share your thoughts on these topics and more with the TODAY Parenting Team.

1. Don't pay mind to what unimportant people think. (Glennon Doyle Melton)

"Mama. You never taught me to care about the crowd, so let’s forget about them for a moment. Instead, please allow me to re-introduce you to yourself."

2. Be grateful and appreciate life. (Jenna Bush Hager)

"This is life: that feeling of gratitude for life is something I have learned from my mom. Now, raising my own daughter, I understand it's the simplest moments of motherhood that mean the most."

"My mom is known by many for her quiet grace and her service to our country. But her public persona doesn't quite live up to her actual character."Courtesy of Jenna Bush Hager

3. No one can stop you but yourself. (Angie Goff)

"With her broken English she may not have known the word perseverance but she knew there was something out there we needed to practice in order to survive and succeed."

"In her house rules were simple, expectations were high but there was still love."Angie Goff

4. Time flies so cherish each moment. (Susie Garlick)

"I can’t control time, but I can control how I choose to spend it. I will be forever grateful to my mom who taught this to me in four simple words, “This too shall pass.”



5. Be a great mom by spending time with your kids

My mom taught me that the most important thing is to be present, to be someone that they can always rely and count on for anything and everything. -- Audrey McClelland

Audrey McClelland is a contributor for JOHNSON’S, the sponsor of the TODAY Parenting Team community. She is compensated for travel and attendance at events. Every idea and word written is her own.

6. Stick to your word and follow through. (Doyin Richards)

"This stuff matters. Kids need to know that the adults in charge of raising them are trustworthy and accountable. If we aren't, how can we expect them to be?"

"Do you want to know the quickest way to piss off my mom? Tell her you're going to do something and don't follow through."Courtesy of Doyin Richards

7. Plans are made to be broken. (Bree Smith)

"To let toxic relationships go. To set healthy boundaries. To prioritize self-care. To let falling things fall. My mother taught me what it means to fight and endure for myself and family. More importantly, though, she taught me to let things, people, relationships, plans, and responsibilities that don’t belong to me fall."

"The harder I tried to cling to my plans the worse it got."Richard Harrell / Courtesy of Bree Smith

8. See your mistakes as a an opportunity to learn and grow. (Amy McCready)

"And the things we maybe wished were different? Well, we tuck those into experience. We learn from them. Grow from them. Have meaningful conversations with our kids from them."

9. Always keep a positive attitude. (Patrice Poltzer)

"I look at my mom with admiration and awe. I sometimes ask her, “HOW are you still smiling and upbeat about (Fill in the blank situation).” She usually laughs and says something along the lines of, 'Things aren’t so bad.'"

"My mom has taught me one of the greatest lessons in life: the greatest indicator of happiness in life is your attitude."Courtesy of Patrice Poltzer