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Mother rescues daughter, 5, who was attacked by raccoon while waiting for school bus

A mom in Connecticut added "fending off wild animals" to her parental duties after a raccoon latched itself to her daughter's ankle on their front porch.

A mom of a 5-year-old came to the rescue in a wild scene caught on camera when she yanked a raccoon loose from her daughter's leg after the animal had latched on to her left ankle.

The close encounter was one of two recent animal attacks on both sides of the country, as a toddler was also attacked by a coyote in California.

On Dec. 2, Logan Kelsey MacNamara shared footage on Facebook of her pulling a raccoon off her daughter's leg on the front porch of their home in Ashford, Connecticut.

At one point, MacNamara has her daughter Rylee in one arm and the raccoon in the other before she chucks the animal into the front yard.

Rylee was waiting for the school bus when the animal latched on to her leg. Her mother can be seen rushing out to free her daughter after hearing her screams.

Once Rylee was safely in the house, MacNamara hurled the raccoon into the yard, where it scuttled away. The mother and daughter both had to get rabies shots, but only suffered minor punctures and scratches.

"I can’t tell you how proud I am of this Brave girl!!" MacNamara wrote on Facebook.

State police tried to locate the animal, but it ran off into the woods, according to NBC Connecticut.

On the same day on the other side of the country, another parent rushed to save his young child during a run-in with a wild animal caught on video in Woodland Hills, California.

Ariel Eliyahuo had just returned home with his 2-year-old daughter from day care when the girl exited their car and a coyote ran up on the sidewalk behind her, knocked her down and started dragging her down the pavement.

In a video from the family's doorbell camera, Eliyahuo can be seen scooping her up and then tossing a water bottle at the coyote to scare it away.

The girl was treated for scratches and had to get rabies shots as a precaution. Officials took the girl's bloody clothes for DNA sampling to help identify and trap the coyote, according to NBC Los Angeles.