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Mini-mes: 12 mother-child lookalikes that will make you do a double take

We asked to see photos of readers and their mini-mes, and they did not disappoint.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

"She's your little mini-me."

"You two look more like twins than mother and daughter."

"He's the spitting image of you when you were that age."

TODAY contributor Terri Peters at age 5 on the left, next to her daughter, Kennedy, 6.Terri Peters

For some mom and child pairs, there's just no escaping the family resemblance.

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Whether it's comparing childhood photos or snapping a selfie with their teenage lookalike — moms like to document their similarities to their mini-mes. And who can blame them?

TODAY Parents editor Kavita Varma White as a child on the left, and her daughter, Priya.Kavita Varma White

We asked our Facebook friends to share photos of themselves with their minis and we were reminded of the powers of genetics. Here are a few of our favorite mother-child lookalikes.

Ashley L'Herault Peters and her daughter, both at age 8.Facebook/Ashley L'Herault Peters
Andrea Fevurly and her daughter, Presley. Facebook/Andrea Fevurly
Jillian Ratliff (left) and her daughter (right,) both at age 2.Facebook/Jillian Ratliff
Pamela Case Gustafson with her son.Facebook/Pamela Case Gustafson
Laurie LaPorte (left) and son (right,) both at age 3. Facebook/Laurie LaPorte
Kelli Soesbe's daughter, Arianna, 3, holding a photo of her mom at age 4. Facebook/Kelli Soesbe
Baby photos of Lindsay Hessling (right) and her infant daughter (left.)Facebook/Lindsay Hessling
Maria Sessa Grantham with her daughter. Facebook/Maria Sessa Grantham
Candy Hiller with her daughter. Facebook/Candy Hiller
Leniesha Newton, 43, and her daughter, 23. Facebook/Leniesha Newton

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From Reese and Ava to Cindy and Kaia, these mother-daughter duos make us do a double take.