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43 of the cutest Halloween costumes ever for babies and toddlers

by Chassie Post /  / Updated  / Source: TODAY

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When it comes to costuming your family this Halloween, don't forget your tiniest trick-or-treaters. These costumes are so adorable you are going to have a hard time choosing just one! So get ready for some over-the-top cuteness — from tiny pink piglets to Baby Elvis, our baby and toddler costume round up may not be too spooky, but will leave you with a perma-smile and giggles galore.

Does the rest of the family need costumes, too? We've got lists for the hottest costumes for kids, adults and couples.

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1. Pink Piggy

Let's start things off with an "oink" as we begin the parade of ridiculously cute baby Halloween costumes. This little piggy is pink and perfectly precious!

TODAY editors, writers and experts take care to recommend items we really like and hope you’ll enjoy! Just so you know, TODAY does have affiliate relationships. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue.

InCharacter Baby This Lil' Piggy costume, $15 and up, Amazon


2. Garden Gnome

This little gnome costume will certainly delight any gal who likes to stop and smell the daisies.

Flower Garden Gnome costume, 12-18 months, $14 and up, Amazon


3. Lil' Lion

This king of the jungle in training looks ready to snuggle!

nCharacter Costumes Baby's Lil' Lion, $31 and up, Amazon


4. Squiggly Piggly

We couldn't get enough of this Squiggly Piggly costume. It boasts a bubble body, hood and anklet foot covers.

Princess Paradise baby girls' Premium Squiggly Piggy, $29, Amazon

Princess Pig

5. Tiny Tentacles

If your baby is just a fraction as excited by this costume as the baby model in the photo then you've got a winner on your hands!

InCharacter Baby Tiny Tentacles Octopus costume, $35 and up, Amazon


6. Baby Chick

This little chickadee costume is perfect for a newborn and comes in a range of mini sizes from six-24 months.

Misaky Newborn Chick hoodie outfit, $10, Amazon


7. Baby Elvis

If you are an Elvis fan, here's your chance to twin with your very own sidekick. There is no doubt you and your Baby Elvis will be winning the neighborhood costume contest with this one!

Elvis onesie, $22 and up, Amazon


8. Tiny Tiger

This onesie transforms your little one into a tiny tiger so cute that you will wish that Halloween lasted all year long.

Tonwhar Unisex baby-animal onesie, $17 and up, Amazon


9. Donald Duck

Let's hear it for the old-school costumes! Even though Donald Duck has been around since 1934, he is still one of the freshest characters around.

Disguise Baby Donald Duck Prestige infant costume, $23 and up, Amazon

Donald Duck

10. Perky Puppy

Can we get a "ruff ruff"? This little canine costume is ready for your puppy-loving toddler and starts at size 18 months.

Underwraps Costumes toddler puppy costume, $17 and up, Amazon


11. Baby Basketballer

This costume's got game! And we love its clever name, Double Dribble.

Double Dribble infant and toddler costume, $37, Halloween Express

Halloween Express

12. Monkey

You might be curious to know if this mischevious monkey costume comes with a matching monkey stuffed animal. The answer would be yes.

Tom Arma Signature Collection, $30, Halloween Express

Halloween Express

13. Strawberry

This costume is aptly named. It truly is "berry cute."

Berry Cute infant and toddler costume, $41, Halloween Express

Halloween Express

14. Baby Biker

For the Harley fans, I think we have found the perfect costume. It even comes with tattoo sleeves!

Infant biker costume, $41, Halloween Express

Halloween Express

15. Princess Leia

May the force be with you this All Hallow's Eve. Who knew that Princess Leia was born with her signature 'do?

Star Wars Princess Leia infant/toddler costume, $33, Halloween Express

Princess Leia
Halloween Express

16. Thing 1

Besides paying tribute to the fabulous Dr. Suess, this warm onesie costume is also quite practical if you live in the colder climes.

Baby Thing bunting, $35, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

17. Baby Bat

The cutest darn baby bat ever!

Baby Blaine the Bat costume, $45, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

18. Where the Wild Things Are

Your little trick-or-treater can now explore the wilds of your neighborhood dressed as Maurice Sendak's Max.

Baby Max costume, $35, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

19. Caterpillar

Boy or girl can enjoy inching along in this perky and colorful caterpillar bunting. A great option for infants.

Baby Bunting colorful caterpillar costume, $25, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

20. Lil' Viking

You gotta love an orange-bearded baby . . . This pint sized viking costume comes with all the bells and whistles, including the aforementioned requisite Viking facial hair.

Baby Lil' Viking one-piece, $50, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

21. 50's Sock Hop

An adorable poodle skirt is all your tiny tot needs to either star in her own toddler production of "Grease" or attend her very first sock hop.

Baby poodle skirt 50's costume, $25, Spirit Halloween

50's costume
Spirit Halloween

22. Pirate

Talk about convenient for Mom and Dad. This costume ties onto the outside of your baby carrier. Just add the little pirate hat and eye patch and you've got the easiest costume ever.

Patch the Pirate baby carrier costume, $37, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

23. Sesame Sweet

Another good and fuzzy one if you are expecting a chilly night of trick-or-treating. And let's face it, everyone loves Cookie Monster.

Baby Cookie Monster costume, $30, Spirit Halloween

Cookie Monster
Spirit Halloween

24. Baby Ghost

The Baby Boo ghost is super-duper comfy for the little trick-or-treater who may prefer a costume that isn't a huge commitment.

Baby Baby Boo ghost costume, $17, Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween

25. Owl

Three cheers for tiny woodland creatures! This baby owl costume will give its adorable wearer something to hoot about!

Baby owl, $20, Spirit Halloween

Baby owl
Spirit Halloween

26. Dragon

Now you, too can be a Mother of Dragons!

Infant/toddler dragon costume, $21, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

27. Pinkie Poodle

What can we say? The Pinkie Poodle costume is off-the-charts adorable.

Infant/toddler Pinkie Poodle costume, $30 and up, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

28. Lil' Gobbler

We have been obsessed with the Lil' Gobbler costume for the past couple of years now, along with its happy little model. Not only is it a festive answer for a Halloween costume, but just think of the applause when you break it out again for Thanksgiving!

Infant/toddler Lil' Gobbler costume, $50, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

29. Frankie's Bride

This Bride of Frankie costume is quite clever — what a fantastic wig/hat!

Baby Frankie's Bride costume, $36, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

30. Zebra

Stop the presses! As if we could take any more cuteness, here comes the Zaney Zebra. And may we please draw your attention to those leg warmers? Precious!

Baby Zaney Zebra costume, $26, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

31. Baby Dracula

That is a pretty darling dracula. This baby Count Dracula costume comes with cape, shirt and pants.

Baby Count Dracula costume, $16, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

32. Baby Carrot

The Baby carrot is a fabulous and nutritious costume option for a newborn.

Baby Carrot Cutie bunting, $20, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

33. Future Golfer

Golf fanatics out there rejoice — you may have just found the perfect costume for your future golf prodigy. And is it really ever too early to get your game going?

Future Golfer infant/toddler costume, $25 and up, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

34. Little Cowgirl

This little cowgirl costume is complete with an adorable cow print skirt, which could be used in days to come for dress-up.

Toddler Cowgirl Princess costume, $26, Costume SuperCenter

Costume Super-Center

35. Baby Bear

This little snuggler looks just like a sweet, tiny bear cub, or a sweet tiny bear-cub stuffed animal. Either way, it is next-level on the cuteness scale.

Infant Snuggle Bear costume, $33, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

36. Sea Turtle

Ha! We have never seen a costume quite like this infant Sea Turtle. It come with a little turtle jumpsuit and a detachable shell that appears to come in handy when your tiny turtle needs a quick mid-trick-or-treating snooze.

Anne Geddes Sea Turtle infant costume, $62, Costume SuperCenter

Costume SuperCenter

37. Unicorn

Three cheers for unicorns which just so happen to be majorly trending these days. Your trick-or-treater will certainly be wanting to spread unicorn cheer in this jumpsuit year-round.

Unicorn infant Halloween costume by Rubie's Costume Co., $11, Jet


38. Baby DJ

Your baby will be the life of the party as he brings on the beats in his official DJ ensemble.

Baby Beats DJ by InCharacter costumes, $16, Jet


39. Baby Business

This costume means business — important baby business, that is. Perfect for the baby boss.

Toddler Baby Business infant costume 6-12 months by InCharacter Costumes, $13, Jet

Biz man

40. Princess

A pretty princess your toddler-sized trick-or-treater will be in this beautiful costume. So detailed and regal she will feel like the real thing.

Infant Baby Girl princess costume, 12-18 months, by Disguise Costumes, $31, Jet


41. Goldfish Tail

This handmade goldfish tail is a comfy and super-easy answer for the littlest of trick-or-treaters. Just slide it on over a onesie and voila! You are ready to go.

Baby goldfish tail, $30, Uncommon Goods

GoldFish Tail
Uncommon Goods

42. Shark Tail

If your little one is already a fan of Shark Week then this is the perfect costume.

Baby shark tail, $30, Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

43. Mermaid

For the most petite of 'maids, this little handmade gem is perfection.

Baby mermaid tail, $30, Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods

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