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By Donna Freydkin

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Looking for the most popular baby and toddler Halloween costumes this year? If your kid is anything like mine, he or she starts planning their next Halloween costume on Nov. 1, right after tearing through the candy they gathered the night before.

And it's an ongoing debate. Superheroes or wizards? Animals or witches? Maybe even a royal? The back and forth can be exhausting, but also exhilarating, as kids let their imaginations go wild. We've gathered some of our favorite costume ideas for kids to outfit the little ones in your home. You can go elaborate, with a disguise from Chasing Fireflies (which sells some of the most intricate costumes we've ever seen), or go for something, ahem, huge.

These are bound the be the cutest, baby and toddler Halloween costumes this spooky season.

It's a treat, with plenty of tricks.

The best kids Halloween costumes

1. InCharacter Owl Costume, $28, Amazon

All we can say is, what a hoot!

2. IDGIRL Baby Unisex Romper Panda, $20, Amazon

These rompers are super warm (which is helpful on a cold October night), durable and come in a variety of looks, depending on what critter you love. And you can get them in larger sizes as well. Full disclosure: I went as a Cosplay cat last year!

3. Infant Toddler Lion Cub Costume, $29, Walmart

Roar! Give me candy or else!

4. Baby Plush Hedgehog Vest Halloween Costume, $20, Target

Prickly? How about precious! This costume is just too cute for words. And you'll go batty for this winged number!

Li’l Stinker Costume for Baby, $69, Chasing Fireflies

Your little skunk will look so sweet!

5. Carter's 3-Piece Little Pig Halloween Costume in Pink, $17, Macy's

Oink! Oink! It's piglet cuteness in this adorable number.

6. Tortilla Baby Costume, $48, Uncommon Goods

Most parents swaddle their babies. Opt for a two-for-one by dressing your tot as a little burrito. Yum!

7. Candy Fairy Costume, $89, Chasing Fireflies

This site sells some of the most original costumes you can buy, and this colorful fantasy get-up is gorgeous. A friend of mine buys all her kids' ensembles there, and they stand the test of time.

8. Wonder Woman Costume, $19, Amazon

A great role model and a great costume equals a great Halloween combo.

9. Lovelane Superhero Costume, $95, Etsy

This creation is handmade, making it a true standout.

10. Dragon Costume, $35, H&M

Hear me roar! And the tail is detachable on this cool green get-up.

11. Black Panther Light-Up Costume, $50, Disney

My son is obsessed with the film, and lost his mind when this costume arrived in the mail.

12. Skeleton Costume, $25, H&M

Are you a skeleton or a ballerina? How about a combo of both?

13. WonderTail for Kids and Parents, $34, Etsy

Snake? Lizard? Slizard? This accessory makes a very strong statement.

14. Gothic Witch Costume, $37, Spirit Halloween

For his second Halloween, my son went as a scary witch. And this costume casts a surefire spell.

15. MELISSA & DOUG Veterinarian Costume, $30, Nordstrom

This one's great for all the little animal lovers.

16. Rubie's Harry Potter Costume Kit, $27, Amazon

Expelliarmus! The "Harry Potter" kids are popular every year, and we also love this Hedwig the owl ensemble.

17. Child Mad Scientist Costume, $33, Walmart

One of my son's friends is obsessed with science, so she's going as a wacky scientist. This sure fits the bill!

18. Star Wars Kylo Ren Costume For Kids, $35, Amazon

"No one will stand in our way," said Kylo Ren in "The Force Awakens." And indeed, he's right, in this "Star Wars" gear.

19. Rubie's Pokemon Child's Deluxe Pikachu Costume, $20, Amazon

The Pokemon craze shows no signs of abating, so here's a prime Pikachu for you.

20. Minecraft Zombie Halloween Costume, $26, Target

My son went as this one year and yes, it was a major hit.

21. "Jurassic World" Indominus Rex Child Costume, $17, Amazon

Go as this genetically-modified hybrid mutant dinosaur, if you dare.

22. LOVELANE Quilted Butterfly Wings, $46, Nordstrom

Take flight, gorgeous children! Kids we know wear these year-round.

23. Disney Uma Costume for Kids, $42, Amazon

Calling all fans of "The Descendants!"

24. L.O.L. Surprise! Queen Bee Classic Child Costume, $26, Amazon

If your kiddo loves the L.O.L. Dolls, this one's for you.

25. Black Ninja Costume, $26, Amazon

My son has this, as do the majority of his friends. It's a hit. And it's surprisingly durable.

26. Lil '80s Rock Star Costume, $19, Walmart

The '80s are back! In case you hadn't heard — now, you can hear it loud and clear.

27. Captain Underpants Costume, $40, Halloween Costumes

Every child, and I do mean every child, watches this nonstop. Prepare to wow them on Halloween.